Saturday, 19 April 2014

Egg and chips

(See Mrs. Beeton for oeuf en cocotte recipe and go here for how to cook chips.)

Cupboard Love

Stage 1
Gah, can't believe how long it has taken to clear out one cupboard! I had this foolish dream that I would have the whole thing sorted in a couple of hours and be able to spend a pleasurable afternoon on my blog or something. Yah, yah, I should've just thrown everything in the bin, not tried to sort out things which are still useful and can go to charity. 

Easter Holidays

OMG, sometimes it is so hard being a mum. 

It's Easter Holidays so I am spending a lot of time finding ways to amuse the Piglet, and running around farming her out or borrowing other piglets. Cuz one Piglet says 'I'm bored' every ten minutes, but two tend to tootle off together and leave you to do your knitting in peace (wink).

The Golden Bowl

Friday, 18 April 2014

A Striking Day Out

No no, this is not me and my knitting in an exotic location. This is Ynys Barry - OK, Barry Island, LOL - which some of you will know from the hit tv series Gavin and Stacey.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Noble Art of Referencing

From The English Companions, an 
Anglo-Saxon history society website
(For my students, bless them.)

Referencing is like writing in Runes to many students - an incomprehensible and arcane knowledge which they had previously thought was only practiced by characters in Lord of the Rings. For many of my colleagues, referencing has always seemed obvious so they are a bit bemused by how confusing the students find it. However I too used to wonder when to use 'cited' and when to say 'quoted'; I too felt like someone stumbling through Mordor towards the Black Gate (Tolkein 1966), wondering why on Middle Earth you would have to give the place of publication in the final list.

I usually start explaining referencing by considering why we bother. When you can see the purpose of it, it's much easier to get your head around why it's done in the way it is done.